2 11, 2018

Pool Pump System

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This is a typical pool pump. Note the parts of the pump. On the front of the pump you have a pump trap which has a basket that traps small debris and keeps it from clogging the pump. The pump body is where a "fanblade-like" impeller sucks in the water and forces it out the top of the pump. The pump motor is what drives the pump. The motor is air cooled while the pump [...]

12 10, 2018

Swimming Pool Heaters

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Hot water from thin air A heatpump takes the heat from the surrounding air and uses it to heat the water in your pool. During heat pump operation, liquid freon from inside the unit is pumped through the system (A) and is turned into a heated gas. This happens when heat is taken from the surrounding air (B) as it is drawn through the evaporator by the fan. The compressor (C) receives this warmer gas [...]

16 09, 2018

Pool Filter Systems

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D.E. Filters A DE filter offers the best possible filtration, but it also requires the highest level of maintenance. DE filters are also not very forgiving of poor maintenance practices. The filters need to be backwashed at proper intervals and the pump sizing and filter cycles need to be accurate. The water enters the filter through the lower bulkhead fitting. It enters the bottom of the tank and enters the grids (see close-up view). The [...]

16 05, 2018

Pool Salt System

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How a Salt System Operates Salt systems have three main components. Salt The first component is plain old salt. You have to have a minimum level of about 3000 parts per million of salt in the pool water. Salt makes the water conductive so that the electricity can pass between the plates in the cell. If the salt level goes too low, then the chlorine production simply stops. Salt is also the raw material from [...]

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