New Pool Care Instructions

Below are the recommended procedures and chemical levels, which should be followed during the 30-day cure period of your new pool finish. After curing the pool maintenance and upkeep will be the same normal with a few extra chemical needs.

  • For the optimum results, entire pool surface should be brushed daily with a 50/50 brush, and Leave the filter running about 8 hours a day after each brushing. During this time the filter should be cleaned at least once a week or when rise of 5 Lbs on the gauge is noticed.

  • Should you notice any spots or fading in the surface please be aware that this is a hand troweled surface and there might be a few imperfections that in most cases over the first 30 days can be removed with the proper chemical balance and brushing of the surface as described in the following steps. ALL pool finishes in most cases will look bumpy or uneven when the shadow of your pool light hits the finish at night.

  • DO NOT use any wheeled cleaners in the pool for the first 30 days due to this is a slow cure surface that will harden under the water for the first (30) DAYS after its completion. NO automatic cleaner that drags itself or vibrates around the pool should be used during the curing process. There are certain powered cleaners that can be added after the first (10) days because they roll around the pool with no vibrations. (contact our office for suggestions)

Pool Chemicals
  • YOU must keep a close check on the chemicals in your pool by using a home test kit for the first (90) days and the water should be (required by most warranties) tested at a Professional Pool Store that can supply you with a detailed print-out for your records weekly. You must inform the retailer that your pool was just refinished.

  • If your pool has a HEATER it should be removed from the water flow in your pool if possible for the first (30) days. In most cases that can be completed by the use of plumbed in “BYPASS” valves. If the heater is a new style heat pump in most cases the “TITANIUM” will not be damaged and if a bypass system is not present, there should be no call for worries.

Clean Pool with Brush
  • We recommend that the PH of your new finished pool be kept between 7.2-7.4 PPM at “ALL TIMES” of the first (90) days. This should be tested daily and adjusted as needed with muriatic acid whenever it is called for by testing. This could start as a daily need and will slowly fade into the normal weekly adjustment. Failure to keep PH below an 8.0 reading could result in permanent damage to the surface and void any future warranties.

  • The TOTAL ALKALINITY of the pool should immediately be adjusted as needed to maintain at least 95 PPM in your pool. Add sodium bicarbonate directly to pool to raise this reading. (as an example if you add 1 pound of Bicarb to a 10,000 gallon pool it will raise 10 PPM)

  • The CALCIUM HARDNESS level of the pool should be kept at a minimum level of 250 PPM during the curing process. This will be available at your Professional Pool Store and the process to add this to your pool should be followed exactly as the professional instructed you. After 30 days the calcium hardness levels can be maintained at 200-400 PPM.

  • The STABILIZER (conditioner) levels should be maintained after the first (5) days at 40 PPM for the life of your pool. This will allow the chlorine to be at a level not to damage the color or white surfaces in the pool. It is highly recommended that you follow the “SOCK” method when adding stabilizer to your pool for the first (90) days to stop any ill effects on the surface.

  • CHLORINE should be maintained at 2.0 – 3.0 in your new finish for the first (90) days. Chlorine should be added to the pool as a “Fast dissolve” or a liquid and should never be added directly onto the new pool finish where it will sit and dissolve. (Calcium hypochlorite shock should not be used)

Please Do Not Shut Off The Water
Until the Pool is Filled Above the Tile Line

Today is a wonderful end to your renovation on your pool or back yard , You have been waiting for this day and it is here. BUT, It is very important that for no reason at all is the water we set to fill your pool through one of our filters is turned off. Also just as important is that you do not try to help us by adding hoses, moving the hose, or starting up your pool filtration system.

However, it is important to watch the water filling in your pool and turn the hose off when it has reached its normal water level in the pool. And at that time please contact us so we can send an associate to start up your pump and start the “Start Up” of your pool.

If for any reason you feel the water may overflow while you are sleeping or away, please just turn the flow of water down to its lowest amount.

Some Important Notes:

  • The pump will be left on when we start your system for up to 72 hours without stopping. Please allow this to take place for proper particle removal.

  • Never turn on the pool light to see the water level until the light is “completely” covered and underwater. Powering on the light when above water will most likely blow your bulb in seconds.

  • When the pool is being refinished you will not be able to see the true color of your chosen finish. The finish might be coated with a thin film of concrete dust. In most cases this will be removed prior to starting the final fill-up. Regular brushing of the surface will help to remove the paste and expose the true finish over the first 3 weeks.

  • It is HIGHLY recommended that the pool not be used in any way for a minimum of 3 days after completion of this upgrade. First thing is to check that all the balanced chemicals are still within their except able limits. This can be done by bring your pool water sample to a pool professional near you. If you are on pool service, you should ask for a chemical printout on there next visit.

** Please Note

  • Downtown Pools does the initial chemical balance and brush to most of the finishes we install.
  • We do not do a long time balance that could take up to 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Chemical readings should be started immediately after the “Start Up” process has been completed.
  • Professional water testing weekly is highly recommended and in most cases a requirement for the finish to be warranted if problems should accrue.
  • If you plan on servicing your own pool we recommend that you do so under a Pool Retailers guidance.
  • Failure to maintain the water chemistry may result in scaling, mineral staining, or algae growth staining.
  • If after the process of applying the new surface is completed there may be a nominal service charge if it is found that there are leaks behind the light, skimmer, or in the main drain. Whereas the prepping of the pool for the new surface can easily open up previously fixed or weakened areas around fixtures in the pool.

  • Where as the prepping of the pool for the new surface can easily open up previously fixed or weakened areas around fixtures in the pool.

All of the above statements can be found in their complete state in the NPC National Plasters Council Standards.

Downtown Pools also has a basic finish program that saves on many of the services offered above for the cost-conscious do it yourself.

These have limited warranties and colors so please contact us about these options.

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