Cutting back on the amount of chlorine used in pools each year is a great thing for pool owners, their families, and the environment. That is exactly what makes mineral-based water sanitization systems, such as Nature2®, an exciting development in pool care.

Mineral-based sanitizers, like Nature2, clean the pool’s water by adding minerals, such as silver and copper, while reducing the level of chlorine needed in the pool. These systems use a mineral cartridge to destroy bacteria, algae, and other contaminants, substantially reducing the level of chlorine one needs to maintain a healthy body of water by about 50%. The cartridge is easily replaceable and lasts 6 months, well over the length of a typical swimming season. The combination of both silver and copper is key in mineral sanitizing. These combined elements provide all the bacteria and algae fighting power a pool needs. Some mineral sanitizers only have one mineral or the other, meaning they don’t both kill bacteria and control algae. Be careful to only use products that contain both ingredients.

Mineral sanitizing systems can be installed during pool construction, or after the pool is built. Many makers offer a do-it-yourself dispensing system that can be easily installed onto a pool’s existing filtration system for minimal costs and little effort.

The payoff? With a minimal upfront investment, pool owners can keep the levels of chlorine in the pool much lower, down to about .5 ppm (parts per million). Without minerals, pools typically have chlorine levels of 1-3 ppm, resulting in common discomforts and environmental pollution resulting from heavy chlorine use. Plus, any pool that suffers from algae blooms will benefit from mineral sanitizers. And, the copper in mineral sanitizers, like Nature2, is proven to control algae, which would otherwise have to be treated with chemical shock.

Simply put, there’s no good reason for the continued reliance on large amounts of chlorine to keep a pool clean. While chlorine is necessary for a healthy pool, reducing chlorine levels will provide many benefits. From reducing foul odors, discolored hair, and other common side-effects, minimizing chlorine is good for you and your family.

Not only is mineral sanitization a breakthrough for providing a more enjoyable swimming experience, it’s also a breakthrough in convenience. With clean, low-chlorine water, it is much easier to maintain the necessary chemical balance, resulting in less time and money spent chlorinating (fewer chlorine tablets, and generally far less hassle), and more time spent relaxing in and around the pool.

And while previous methods of mineral-based sanitization (especially using copper) have been known to carry with them the danger of staining pool surfaces and liners, the Nature2 system is guaranteed to never stain. With Nature2, your pool remains clean, pristine, safe, and clear, all without the usual drawbacks of traditional chlorine-based methods.

Best of all, mineral-based sanitization is cost-effective. The cost of replacement cartridges, even when combined with the reduced amounts of chlorine still required, is generally comparable to that of traditional chlorine costs. For that and the cost of the unit itself, one would be hard pressed to deny the value of abandoning the constant struggle to maintain chlorine levels that are high enough to keep water clean, but low enough to keep the inevitable side effects tolerable.

In fact, maintaining a clean and enjoyable pool shouldn’t come with side effects, especially ones that can impact comfort, the environment, and even health. For that reason, mineral sanitization is the right choice for all pool owners.