Possible Cause Solution
Faulty suction type pool chlorinators Check hoses and fittings for air leaks and repair if necessary.
Fill with water and start pool pump
Pool filter severely clogged Clean and / or replace pool filter element, sand or diatomaceous earth
Impeller clogged with debris Clean or replace impeller
(normal time for some pool pumps to prime is 2 to 5 minutes)
Faulty seal in pool pump lid gasket Replace gaskets and / or tighten bolts between motor and pool pump or pool pump lid
Pool pump lid not tight Tighten Pool Pump Lid
Possible Cause Solution
Shaft seal or gaskets are worn Replace seal or gasket. tighten bolts between pool pump and motor
Possible Cause Solution
Worn bearings Replace bearings or replace motor
Possible Cause Solution
Low voltage 220 where on line has dropped Repair Line
Holes in motor to cooling fan blocked or fan damaged Clear holes or repair fan
Possible Cause Solution
Motor seized Clean, lubricate and un-seize motor.
Clean centrifugal switch contacts
Faulty capacitor or switch Replace capacitor or switch
Burned winding Rewind or replace motor
Possible Cause Solution
Faulty capacitor Replace capacitor or motor
Possible Cause Solution
Burned up motor, wires burned Replace motor or wires
Timer problem, breaker flipped Fix or replace timer, fix breaker
Possible Cause Solution
Sand filter multi-port valve faulty Fix spider gasket or other faulty parts in valve
Cartridge filter element allowing pool water over or under element or tear in material Replace element
Diatomaceous Earth filter with cracked manifolds or ripped or torn grids/fingers Replace parts or buy a new filter
Possible Cause Solution
Defective pressure gauge Turn pool pump on and immediately turn off
If needle does not move, replace gauge
Sand filter not filtering due to over cleaning Clean filter less often
Clogged impeller veins Remove impeller and clean
Pool pump basket filled with debris Clean pool pump basket
Possible Cause Solution
Defective filter or filter too small Replace defective parts or replace filter for pool
Possible Cause Solution
Sand filter multi-port spider gasket is worn Replace spider gasket
Possible Cause Solution
)-ring on shaft and / or shaft bearing defective Replace defective O-ring and / or shaft bearing
Possible Cause Solution
Nylon bearing worn out or debris around shaft Replace bearing or clear debris
Possible Cause Solution
Broken Lateral Replace lateral or filter

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