Project Description

Can you make my spa easier to enter and make my pool better to entertain guests?

This job started out as a flat deck and pool combo where you could not easily heat the spa due to the level water height with the pool and it was hard to enter the spa. So, we modernized the deck area and resolved the customers issues with a few simple steps.

  • Raise spa walls and floor and install new super adjustable jets for true message effect.
  • Replace all spa piping due to multiple leaks and the upsizing needed for proper air and water to the jets installed.
  • Build a multi-tier and multi-use waterfall centered behind the house glass entry doors.
  • Waterfall will have Lions heads, Fiberoptic sheer, and Color Laminars all controlled by remote as wanted.
  • Skimmer was replaced due to it would be to low to properly function after the pool is raised for the new decking material.
  • The upper deck and all the steps were replaced with new deck material.
  • The size of the deck was increased to allow for more guests and easy movement around the property.
  • There was a duel flow spillway installed in the spa, so it would have a classic look to match the installed lions heads instead of a single style modern spillway.

Materials Used:

  • 6X12 Ivory travertine in a herringbone design
  • 4X8 Ivory travertine bullnose coping
  • Waterways Mega Jets in spa
  • Jandy Laminars
  • Fiber Falls 3 foot (currently discontinued pool tile)
  • Cool Blue Diamond Brite finish