Project Description

This is a project that is just as it looks like a rebuild after the property was left vacant. And since we had to redo the deck from scratch lets give it a modern flair at the same time.

As a rule in most cases we do not remove old deck areas due to something solid is always better that rock or sand bed. But, in this case the deck was so damaged from failed attempts to repair we just remove everything we could to start with a clean slate.

It was decided that instead of a constant large deck area around the house there was going to be separate areas divided my grass inserts or rocks to form separate stepping or use pads.

The rear steps and rear wall was demolished and rebuilt because of the red brick and sand technique used, so we just removed what was bad and rebuilt the wall to level and square.

Due to the finish sitting out of balance as long as it was we needed to strip the pool back to a solid finish to properly adhere the new finish.

Materials Used:

  • 8X12 Artistic Pavers TAN in rear
  • 12X12 Artistic Pavers TAN in front
  • 4X8 Artistic Pavers TAN bull nosed coping
  • Jewels Glass tile in pool and on steps
  • Basic IVORY QuartzScapes pool finish