Project Description

This is a job that began with a simple starting point of just repair my pool area, however it began to grow in size as many issues were revealed to us during inspection.

List of jobs involved:

  • Remove spa glass block on spa
  • Remove coping that is cracked and raise pool for new travertine coping material
  • Increase size of spillover to pool
  • Replace skimmer that was improperly installed
  • Remove coping overhang from around spa
  • Cover spa wall with customer supplied chip stone to pool floor
  • Properly level and cover large step entrance from master bedroom
  • Cover upper deck with travertine tiles and relevel steps from rear of house
  • Install same tile as pool on ALL facing edges of the steps to house

In this case we begin with a basic problem of the pool coping needed to be raised for a new deck material. In many pools this is done by just slopping some concrete (cold joint) or cutting off the current coping and covering it up and causing cracks within 3 years of job completion.

At Downtown Pools however we need to remove the coping on the pool and raise the pool beam with bonding rebar, so we can warranty the coping and tile bond for many more years. During the build it was also pointed out that the customer did not want to lay back on a coping in the spa so we custom designed a spa tile rap around with the coping sunk into the deck more for a smooth feel. The spa wall got covered with a cut stone from top to bottom to give the spa a modern design look.

Downtown Pools also installed the deck travertine on the pool deck and a matching deck marble on the raised area along with a complete re-leveling of the concrete steps around the deck area. We finished the whole project by moving the new tile onto the back of the BBQ unit and faced all the steps with the modern glass tile.

Materials Used:

  • Ivory French pattern travertine
  • Matching 6X6 paver coping
  • Upgraded glass tile
  • Mexican Fire-Stone chip travertine (No Longer available)
  • Touch of GLASS blue Diamond Brite finish.