Project Description

This job came about my chance, Because we were onsite for another reason and noticed a great view damaged by an empty unused spa (was not used due to multiple leaks they said).  While we were onsite we asked the home owner why you don’t make a show fountain that can be colored or adjusted by remote.

The spa floor was raised to a fountain level that small kids could also play in if it was wanted. The old spa main drain pipe was used to power the floor jets and the lights were run to two junction boxes and a light controller to switch colors as wanted.

The full pool wat tile so we searched and found a matching color to do only the floor and top of the way (non-skid tiles) so it would look like an original design.

NOTE: by only replacing tiles areas that were required to be replaced the full effect was that this was an original feature since the old dated tile on the pool top and spa still match. When doing the non-skid top spillway, we remove many of the light tiles so the colors would slowly move to the newer lighter designed tiles in the fountain floor.

Materials Used:

  • Pentair Color floor jets (OLD style)
  • Glass Deep Blue selection tiles in smooth and skid-free styles
  • Pentair VS pump to control height as wanted