Project Description

First off how many people have a pool above their game room in a single-family home.

The main reason for us to do this job was a waterfall to be built that can have plants planted behind them. However, after we got involved it was found that the plumbing and waterproofing in this second-floor pool had failed and needed to be rebuilt.

With the extra work needed to be completed the owners opted to redesign the coping with a contrasting material and refinish the full inside of the pool. In some of the during pictures you can see the red membrane that was placed around all the plumbing that went through the wall.  One of the requests was to make the spa bench smoother and more comfortable than the square flat step type bench. You can see in one of the pictures we rounded the front and back with small 3/4” glass tiles that the customer picked.

All of the materials for this project were chosen by the customer.