Project Description

This customer just said it was time for a change and wanted the system to work properly finally.

The deck has gotten older and started to crack along with is being very slippery where the water was sitting in puddles, the lights stopped working and needed to have new conduit installed from the pool.

Most of our time was spent in this job at the complete rebuilding of the spa and bench due to cracks and bad piping along with the complete 14” rise of the spa and its benches. We added more jets from the original 3 that were first installed along with an air channel for complete message action.

The deck was reworked so there would be a nice rounding around the palms instead of square corners due to the pool having rounded corners as well.

The finish off the natural western creek look we added a creek rock bed spillway instead of a classic granite version.

Materials Used:

  • French Pattern GOLD Travertine
  • Black rockbed tile for spillway
  • Rust quartzite ledger stone for around spa
  • Ceramic Lake Blue tile in 1X1 and 3X3 sizes
  • LED white pool light
  • Blue QuartsScapes Filish.
  • There was also all new equipment added to make the system work properly.