Algae are small plants which may be found growing in swimming pools or other bodies of water whenever conditions are favorable to their growth, they may retreat into inactive particles that are carried about by the wind, which may blow them to another body of water. The atmosphere contains millions of these minute particles ready to infect a pool. Rain washes algae from the air into swimming pools. Algae can originate, grow, and reproduce in a matter of hours, <NOT DAYS>. It is wise to start on a programmed algaecide system after the first treatment for an algae growth. There are many thousands of species of algae, each species having its own resistance to various algaecides. Algae can build up immunity to one type of algaecide and in such an instances it is necessary to change to another algaecide that is more effective.

GREEN ALGAE is a group of algae that grows on the pool walls and in the water. They give the water a green cloudy appearance. The walls and floor will feel slippery or slimy. This creates a dangerous environment and should be treated immediately.

MUSTARD OR YELLOW ALGAE grows either on the walls or in the water. One form of mustard algae will grow on the floor of the pool. It will resemble silt and float free if you brush your hand over it. Another form will start in corners and around ladders and steps to form a yellowish slimy look. Yellow algae will most of the time seem to brush off of the walls, But that is not the case at all. Think of yellow algae as a tiny tree growing in the pool wall, when you brush the walls you are removing the leafs off the tree. But, the tree stem, trunk, and roots are still there so within a week or so the algae will return and get even harder to kill. You MUST use an algaecide to remove yellow algae, chlorine will not work alone.

BLACK ALGAE is a rooted algae Roots will penetrate into concrete or vinyl making it extremely difficult to kill. It will appear as small black spots and as the colony grows it will spread and appear to “bloom”. Unlike the other algae groups above this is one bad type and hard to kill. A Sales staff member should be asked for help.