It is desirable and possible to maintain sparkling clear sanitary conditions in your pools water. To attain and maintain this optimum water condition, you must consider the three factors that make it possible;

  • Chemical,
  • Biological and
  • Mechanical.

Pure water is a tasteless, odorless, colorless compound. If natural water were pure and contained no suspended or dissolved matter, and could be maintained in this condition, there would be no need to test, analyze and treat swimming pool water. However, all water contains some impurities, either in solution (invisible) or suspended (visible). Water testing detects these impurities while filtration, chemical balance and biological treatment controls them. Impurities in the water, whether entering the pool in the fill water, from the environment, wind blown atmospheric wastes, or swimmer waste are either dissolved in solution or suspended particulate impurities. Suspended particles can be organic or inorganic. They are visible (cloudy, fuzzy or dull appearing water) and should be removed by filtration. Dissolved impurities cannot be seen and are not removed by the filter without chemical aid. To assist the filter in removal of organic waste particles (Sunscreens, oils, hair sprays, cosmetics, dead skin, etc.) the chemical balance of the water must first be kept at an excepted level.

REMEMBER: It is not the water itself that has to be treated, but the various impurities in the water.

To maintain quality pool water, you have to relate water chemistry and disaffection to all three factors related to pool maintenance