Nature2 is a sanitizing system that uses patented mineral-bed technology to provide crystal clear water and improved water quality. Working with the pool filtration system, Nature2 uses elemental minerals that combine with a small amount of chlorine to inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate contaminants. Minerals make the water noticeably softer, and less chlorine means a lower potential for red-eye, dry skin or foul odors. With Nature2, your swim experience is clean, fresh, and gently soothing.

Extensively tested and proven to sanitize your water more effectively than chlorine-based treatments alone, Nature2uses precise mineral combinations for its pool and spa treatments. Its Controlled Release Technology provides precise amounts of minerals in the water at any one time, ensuring optimum cleaning and no staining. In pools, silver and copper work in conjunction with the small level of chlorine to destroy bacteria and other organics. Nature2Spa combines silver, and other trace elements, to effectively sanitize even at the higher water temperatures. When used with MPS, the most recommended oxidant for spas, Nature2 Spa becomes the only EPA approved complete, non-chlorine sanitizing system.

An industry leader for over 18 years, Nature2 is the most successful mineral-based system on the market – installed in over 300,000 pools and spas worldwide, and carried by more than 5,000 dealers. With 17 patents worldwide and 20 more pending, this low-chlorine alternative truly is the future of pool maintenance.

We hear so much these days about ways to green our homes, but very little about extending that eco-awareness into the backyard. However, many are looking for ways to make a move towards environmentally responsible pool care. And, with recent reports that chlorine levels in pools are often 200 to 400 times higher than what’s considered safe for the environment (source, Yahoo! Green) and findings that link regular swimming in chlorinated pools by young children to an increased risk of developing asthma (source,The Green Guide), the call to action becomes all the more pressing. It’s good to know that there are alternatives out there.

Zodiac’s Nature2 mineral sanitizing products for the pool and spa dramatically reduce the need for heavy doses of chlorine and provide an eco-friendly choice for pool and spa maintenance.

For spa owners, Zodiac offers Nature2 Spa. Its patented mineral water treatment reduces the use of chlorine and bromine for a relaxing soak, free of harsh chemicals and overpowering odors. When used with Zodiac’s Cense, aromatherapy MPS (the most recommended oxidant for spas) Nature2 Spa becomes the only EPA-approved chlorine-free mineral sanitizer system for spas on the market, delivering crystal clear water quality and an irritant-free spa experience.

Nature2 Express is a quick, affordable and eco-friendly sanitizer that uses the mineral elements of silver and copper, with a very small amount of chlorine, to inhibit bacteria and eliminate contaminants. It installs easily on most existing pool plumbing systems, reducing the harsh effects of chlorine while vastly improving water quality and feel.

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